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I often listen to my favorite music while I play a slide show of the pictures I use to remind me of the things I want to achieve, places I want to go, people I want to meet. I imagine what it would feel like if I had each of those things in my life. This exercise created a thought sequence that helped me set new goals in life and provided a deliberate destination that I could envision working and striving for each day.

Indeed, we are highly influenced by the way we see things. Changing the direction of our lives seems difficult because many of us have been conditioned to believe it is not possible. But the truth is, changing our lives and finding happiness is as easy as changing the way we think. Changing my own life was a slow process, but I began to feel more happiness, joy and fulfillment by regularly incorporating these simple technology-facilitated habits.

I build, study, and write about products and ideas that move people. More about me here. Follow nireyal. Think Big. Use Gratitude to Change Your Attitude. Carry Your Dreams With You. Perception is Reality. Great Book!

Cultivating Happiness -

This book is for anyone wishing to be the agent of charge! Very easy read, very inspiring and very informative. I highly recommend. May 18, kokila rated it it was amazing. Great booster This book really made me think what I have in my life which I didn't pay attention to before.

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It's a great read and makes u feel pumped uo. Mar 16, Vishal Jhambia rated it it was ok.

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Decent book Summary of all good book. Its good if you want concise idea of all good habits. It's quite simple in language terms. The book was very interesting. The 7 habits mentioned in the book are the keys to a happy and successful life in one way or other. Overall a great read! Aug 21, vivek rated it it was amazing. Short and Smart This book is crisp and to the point. Useful read for leading a successful and happy life. Go for it. May 29, Kea rated it it was amazing. Very Helpful Very helpful and I recommend this book for helping to get back on track.

I downloaded the workbook and watched the youtube video. Jan 27, Omar Osman rated it really liked it. Helpful Nice book , i think it needs more practical explanation on some points but overall it's helpful and everybody must know its contents. Feb 14, aaron kisselbaugh rated it it was amazing. Great book This is a great short read if you're wanting to start improving your life. I definitely recommend this to anyone who feels stuck just needs some form of guidance. Feb 16, Krishna Smeeta rated it liked it.

Habits are important. Its a very basic and to the point kind of a book which focuses on highlighting the benefits and value of following a schedule. There isn't anything in there that who you haven't heard already,but it helps you in assessing your habits and can motivate you to get things right. Nov 11, Goh Kok Han rated it it was amazing. This book is brilliant!!!

10 Secrets to Living a Fulfilled Life

It is you who gives it meaning. Therefore, obstacles, failures, or disappointments can be viewed as either good or bad, it is all up to you. Oct 10, Siddharth rated it liked it. Its an amazing book for the beginners, 7 habits in the book are truly amazing, if you start using them. Oct 19, Caroline rated it it was ok.

Another Self help! Literally says the same thing every other self help book says. Make goals.

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  7. Be grateful. Be an early bird. Have a routine Well thanks. I'm definitely changed. May 11, luis rated it it was amazing. Straight to the point how it is supposed to be! This book has a lot of value if you actually implement the ideas in it.. Easy to read in plain english.

    15 Best Happiness Books and Are They Worth Your Time?

    I recommend everyone to do themselves a favor and read it and implement it. Nov 22, timothy baliaris rated it really liked it. Great logic behind its message The logic behind this book is easily understood. Difficult emotions are a fact of life. But the way we handle them makes all the difference. The things we're good at, and like to do, are our strengths. We all have strengths, even if we haven't discovered them yet. Happiness increases when we discover a strength and practice it. The more we practice a strength, the better we get until we really master it. When we get really good at doing something we enjoy, we can get lost in it.

    That's called flow. Experiencing flow helps boost happiness. Finding daily ways to use our strengths is a key ingredient for a happy life.

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    • The purpose of life isn’t to be happy—it’s to be fulfilled.

    The people in our lives matter. Good relationships are one of the best ways to enjoy happiness, health, and well-being. Developing certain emotional skills can help us form and keep good relationships. When we are there for the people in our lives — and when they're there for us — we are more resilient, resourceful, and successful.

    Our lives can be busy with day-to-day activities and responsibilities. Many of us multi-task, so we might race ahead, thinking about the next place we need to be. But slowing down to pay attention to what we're doing and why builds happiness. Pay attention to the effects of your actions.


    Notice the ways big or small that you make a difference. Live life based on the values that are important to you. Take time to think of what really matters to you like helping others or protecting the planet.