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No BDSM but still a great read. I have also read Bared to You and Beautiful Disaster and this book was right up there! It reminds me a lot of 50 Shades but mostly like Bared to You. My only hesitation was that it will consist of 3 short installments to complete the storyline, and installment 1 is the only part that has been released, so far. It was about healing, trust and emotional growth.

I shared it with my Facebook crew:. And this Dom took discipline to a whole other level. Some of my fellow readers loved it, and some… did not. But again. This one is full-on BDSM and this guy can play some serious head-games. I would not recommend to everyone… just to those that are interested in reading a book that explores a much harder edge to this alternative lifestyle. There are a few scenes that are permanently burned into my brain that still have me wincing and not just the pain aspect…. You have been warned! This one will bring you to tears.

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Just ask the heroine. This one is like that. Lover Unbound Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5 Vishous may be be a vampire, but he is a perfect addition to this list.

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His lifestyle, preference and attitude oozes Dom. Alpha male, strong, rich, highly intelligent, and controlled in all aspects, but he looses his control when he falls for a human female doctor kidnaps her and brings her to their compound and keeps her for himself. Oh and. Excellent, fulfilling read, and one of my all time favorites! If you want terrible angst and angry emotions and deep deep love then Thoughtless is probably for you. Check out my review. How did I know? From a lethal, razor sharp commando, to sexy detectives, to a biker gang leader that instills fear in everyone, this series has a bit of everything that we love.

My two favorites, hands-down, are Mystery Man book 1 and Motorcycle Man book 4. As long as you have book 1 under your belt, you can certainly jump to 4 and not lose anything from the story. Check out my review of Mystery Man and Motorcycle Man.

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I HAVE to include this. This is yet another book that made me absolutely crazy in love, in agitation, in excitement. Oh yes. His life changes once she enters it, and the journey to self-discovery that they are both forced to travel or more like a roller coaster ride absolutely gave me THAT feeling.

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To me, it belongs and continues to be one of my 1 favorite books forever. Just… slowly. They are deeply poignant, gritty and raw, and you will face some uncomfortable moments. They certainly make the reader think. You will fall in Love with Jesse Ward.

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It is a series of three books. He had me hooked from start to finish. Anxiously waiting for the third book. These books have BDSM, love and will even bring tears to your eyes.

Trapped In Temptation 1 BBW Alpha Billionaire Romance

Lucy Delacourt makes sure she gets on the elevator at work at the same time as a gorgeous stranger that works in the same building as she does. After several weeks of secretly watching him she finds herself alone with him in the elevator. Things get hot fast and he turns out to be the owner of the company. This novel started out as a kindle mini series and turned in to a novel last fall. The hero, Jeremiah Hamilton, also has an outcast brother, Lucas, who tugs at your heart from the first time he appears in the the book.

There is isaalso a sequel being written as a mini series now. Anything He Wants, Castaway. Read them both. Most were short but none the less with the steamy stuff and the heart break and the hot guy billionaire.

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Just sayin. It was so much hotter than hot. And for those that may not be aware, she continued the series!!! I really want to hype this author because her writing shows such intelligence and uniqueness. Really a great book that more people should check out. This woman is amazing! You have to read Captive in the dark and the second book Seduced in the dark. It was published Jan It gives a relationship, but the main heroine is going undercover into a BDSM lifestyle to find her sister.

An old flame has decided to help her out by infiltrating with the Doms. It is a good read, and will have a sequel by this author. Hill for the BDSM theme as well. Although you should know they are very difficult to read — way too hardcore. I actually had to skip a lot of pages to continue.

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Anyway , the love story is amazing. It has an overbearing rich guy just like Christian who falls for a ballet dancer the first time he sees her but she has issues with his past of how many women hes been with and how possessive he is. Shayla Black Wicked Ties Series.

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Now although heavily sexy and bdsm it was very well written, I did find myself giggling, and toasting champagne with my inner goddess for some of the you go girl moments! I thought the book was well written and the characters well defined.

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And then here comes Fifty! Double Wow! Thank you for gathering this list.