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As the game progresses, the Upkeep mechanic will start lowering your Requisition income. Power is an advanced resource roughly equivalent to vespene gas in StarCraft or energy in Supreme Commander.

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Higher technology tiers, most advanced units and most upgrades require Power in addition to Requisition. The Power resource is produced by generator structures, which must be purchased with Requisition. The Power Node can be "activated" for , which builds a structure on top of it, increasing the Power income and forcing an opponent to destroy the structure before claiming the Node for themselves. Each model takes up a certain amount of Population, with more powerful models "costing" more; for example, a single Guardsman model uses only 1, while a Tactical Marine model uses 5 and a Great Unclean One uses This Population count has two functions.

First, the size of an army cannot exceed , forcing a player to plan their purchases. Second, all models exceeding 30 activate the Upkeep mechanic and start taxing the player's Requisition income. Orbital Bombardment, the Space Marine "nuke" global ability.

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The Global Resource named Zeal, Waaagh! The Global Resource is a bit like experience, accumulated by fighting. Cardinal Fuzz. Swapmeat Sundowner unreleased. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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  • Industry associations beware As the recent raid on the gas industry suppliers illustrates, it is fairly common for the Commission to conduct a search at the premises of industry associations at the same time, or shortly after, they search the offices of competitors. After a raid Once the search is over, the company will need to conduct a thorough internal investigation in order to determine whether any contravention of the Competition Act has occurred.

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